ElectroLure™ Rechargeable Twitching Fish Lure

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This Rechargeable Twitching Fish Lure that flashes and twitches mimics the movements of a wounded bait fish. Fish can’t resist this twitching action that triggers their DNA. They bite whether they’re hungry or not!

The Rechargeable Twitching Fish Lure works well in all water conditions: saltwater, fresh water, sea water and also muddy water like no other lure can! It will even catch you fish at night!

  • Sinking type lure
  • Rechargeable twitching fish lure using USB
  • Lights up in the dark to catch attention from the fish
  • Twitches, flashes & buzzes in water to mimic wounded bait fish
  • Rechargeable advance lures are the first rechargeable, electronic lures with the genetic secret to catching fish.
  • Twitching fish lure flashes and twitches to mimic the movements of a wounded bait fish.
  • Plus, the Rechargeable Twitching Lure recharges exactly like your cell phone. After charging in minutes, get ready to catch fish all day long!

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