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The DrillMaster™ is a 3-in-1 construction tool that will help you drill level, precise holes with no mess.

The lightweight, durable plastic construction is easy to hold and attaches to any work space. Set the drill buddy on the flat surface or wall at your desired height and click the vacuum button to engage an instant seal.

Your assistant won’t move while you use the laser level feature. Create pencil drill marks on a precise, straight line.

Reposition the silver drill guide over your mark, turn on the vacuum to hold the device in place, and drill into the guided hole.

While you drill, the vacuum collects all dust and debris in the pocket, so that there is no mess when the job is complete.

  • Universal. The built-in vacuum easily attaches to any flat surface
  • Lightweight. Complete any job by yourself without strain and easily move the light tool
  • functionleveler with the laser levelingPrecise. Achieve precise lines and perfect
  • Clean. The built-in vacuum instantly sucks up dust for every hole that you drill
  • Convenient. Hit your mark every time with the drill guide feature over your wall marks
  • Makes an Amazing Gift.
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