Harmless Bug Catcher

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Insects are annoying. The sad part is they can be anywhere. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, all over the house which poses a great deal of pain. But with the Humane Bug Catcher, you can now get rid of these annoying and creepy pests. It’s a non-toxic insect catcher that allows you to trap insects from a distance and release them. It’s the most humane way to get rid of bugs and pests.

The LED lights are perfect for illuminating dark areas and for night use. 


  • Features with Four parts: Vacuum Motor, Vacuum Clear Pipe, Suck Booster and Tube Cover.
  • Light function, the button “LED” supports the item to work at night or dark places.
  • Catch all types of spiders and insects, quickly and easily.
  • Ideal for removing other small light objects from hard-to-reach places with a long tube.
  • No insecticides, no poisons, eco-friendly.


  • Please open the battery compartment, and put 9V battery (Not Included).
  • Caution: Please make sure the battery is of good quality, or the item effect will not so strong.
  • Change the tube cover as the suck booster (as the below illustration).
  • When you find some creepy insect around you, just press the button “IN” continuously and keep the tube directed to the insect until they are into the tube. Once inside, keep upright or pop on the tube cover and simply move the insect away from the house and let them go.
  • At night, or at some dark place, you can press the button “LED” and then do as step 3 at last, please press again the button “LED”. The light will be off.
  • Suggestion: For maximum suction, please hold the bug vacuum at 45 degree angle and press the button “IN” continuously, keep the tube directed to the insect and until they are into the tube.


Power supply: 9V battery (Not included)
Unit dimension : 350*32mm
Unit weight: 132g
Power supply: 3.7V rechargeable battery inside

1 x Insect Catcher
1 x Manual

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